Wheelchair Ramps for Vans

Wheelchair ramps for vans are designed specifically for individuals that require access to their vehicle whether it's an occupied wheelchair or an unoccupied power chair or scooter.  A temporary ramp can be used to gain access to your van, car or sport utility vehicle and can also be setup at other locations while a permanently installed van ramp will provide assistance for frequent loading and unloading.  

wheelchair ramps for vans

A permanently installed van ramp that's operated by mechanical, electrical or manual operation is convenient if you find you use your vehicle frequently.  It's also ideal for heavier devices or occupied chairs that have increased weights.  The two main types of permanent ramps for vehicles are in floor ramps that slide underneath the vehicle and foldout ramps that operates similar to a portable ramp, both of which we will discuss below. 

If you prefer to be mobile or travel frequently for work or pleasure you will definitely want to find a ramp that will set up and take down easily, fit in your vehicle during travel and set up wherever you require it.  A portable ramp will allow you to transport your mobility device on your own, in your own vehicle without the need for assistance either by a shuttle or specially equipped taxi or bus.  

The wheelchair ramp slope and type of ramp you choose for your vehicle will depend on a few different factors including the height of the rise, weight and type of mobility chair and whether the chair will be occupied during loading.  We'll take a look at the different options and which one works for you and your unique needs.

Wheelchair ramps for vans will give you freedom to go where you want, when you want to and will transform your personal vehicle into a mobility device hauler.  Whether you are in the market for a portable mobility ramp or permanent ramp that can be installed in your van, car or SUV you can be sure to find something that works.  You may also find a wheelchair lift for vans something worth considering for heavier devices and the added convenience.

Portable Wheelchair Ramps for Vans

portable wheelchair ramps for vans

A wheelchair ramp for vehicles that's designed to be portable is the best option for individuals that load and unload their wheelchair or mobility device while it is unoccupied.  It may not be suitable for occupied devices because the slope may be too sleep which can make the ramp difficult or impossible to use.  If you are looking for a ramp that is suitable for loading and unloading of an occupied mobility device continue reading below.  

The versatility and convenience of portable wheelchair ramps makes them a great option because they can be used for just about anywhere including your car, minivan or SUV.  They come with some very handy features that include folding down into a convenient size, separating into easier to handle parts and a built in suit case handle.  This is all achieved while being constructed of strong and lightweight aluminum metal that will last for several years. 

Permanent Wheelchair Ramps for Vans

There are two main types of permanent wheelchair ramps for vans. The fold out and electric in-floor ramps each have their specific advantages and disadvantages that we'll look at below.  They both require professional installation and may only be available pre installed with the purchase of a new wheelchair accessible van

permanent wheelchair ramps for vans

Foldout wheelchair ramps operate the same way a portable ramp works.  They fold out when deployed and when they aren't in use they rest along the inside of the van sliding door.  They are much easier to install than in-floor ramps and are available in a variety of converted van models. 

In addition to being easy to install they have a lower ramp angle and are easy to deploy just about anywhere you park your van.  They can be activated manually by pushing out in the case of an emergency and require less maintenance than an in-floor ramp.  It does take up a bit of room inside the vehicle and may restrict the front passenger from fully reclining. 

An in-floor ramp is stored under the vehicle, hides under the floor out of sight and doesn't take up any valuable room inside.  It makes it easier for passenger who are not in wheelchair to exit and doesn't get in the way of reclining seats or anything else you carry on board.  The disadvantages are the angle is higher than a foldout ramp and could be difficult to set up next to a high curb.  This style of ramp is currently only available in limited van models.

Wheelchair Van Ramp Accessories

After you have learned about the different types of wheelchair ramps for vans you might be interested in a couple of the accessories that will make using your ramp easier and in some cases even be necessary.  It's important to discover what is right for your unique requirements based on the type of vehicle you own, type of ramp you use and whether you will be loading your mobility device while loaded or unloaded. 

Electronic Retractable Cable

power pull ramp assistant

An electronic retractable cable cord is a relatively new product that makes gaining access to your vehicle in an occupied wheelchair possible.  It allows the user to move both up and down a ramp with the aid of an electrical pulley.  It is ideal for use with vans that have a lowered floor and can be installed for side or rear entry.

The pulley is hooked onto the front frame of the wheelchair and with the push of a button on a remote control it begins to slowly pull the chair.  A safety breaker and release button maintain constant pressure while also not allowing the wheelchair to veer off course.  It is relatively easy to install and doesn't take up precious space since it installed between the front seats or under the third row bench. 

Top Lip Extension

A top lip extension (TLE) is a small section of ramp that extends the top of the ramp which may be necessary if you are using your portable ramp with your vehicle.  It's a one size fits all piece but make sure it is compatible with your specific ramp.  It can also be used as a threshold ramp in some circumstances.  If you are in the market for wheelchair ramps for vans we hope this helps you make an informed decision. 

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