Threshold Wheelchair Ramps

Threshold wheelchair ramps are designed to be used around the home to increase accessibility and make it easier to get from one room to another.  They allow for smooth entry or exit through regular doorways, sliding doors, raised landings and even curbs.  They are very easy to install and with the technology used to manufacture these affordable ramps you can't go wrong.  If you are looking for an inexpensive ramp for your home be sure to continue reading for some helpful tips and advice. 

threshold wheelchair ramps

It can often get overlooked but there are elevation changes at almost every exterior doorways that can range in height anywhere from one to six inches.  It goes without saying that an elevation change of six inches needs to be addressed and even the slightest rise can present a challenge to anyone using a wheelchair, walker or scooter.

The versatility and wide range of styles of threshold wheelchair ramps make them the perfect solution for just about anywhere around the home.  They can smooth the transition over door plates, sliding door tracks and even where the ground is uneven by using an adjustable threshold ramp that has individual levelling feet.  

In addition to helping prevent falls and increase overall accessibility around your home you can use a bariatric threshold ramp that is incredibly durable and able to handle weights in excess of 1,000 pounds.  These ramps are  most commonly constructed out of durable aluminum and can be referred to as modular ramps. 

We'll go over the basics of the different types of threshold wheelchair ramps as well as provide some helpful pointers when purchasing a ramp for your own home.  You'll want to keep in mind features like anti-slip grip tape for increased traction, grooved aluminum for water drainage and casings to allow for cords to run under the ramp without affecting the ramps integrity. 

Types of Threshold Wheelchair Ramps

Every home is different and the uniqueness of your own house could mean you need a very specific type of threshold wheelchair ramp.  You might need an extension or a custom size width to fit a particular doorway and you should be able to find it with the many types available. 

  1. Aluminum 
  2. Rubber 
  3. Plastic

1.  Aluminum Threshold Wheelchair Ramps

An aluminum threshold ramp used for transitions around the home is a great option if you are looking for a ramp that is both lightweight and durable.  You can expect an aluminum modular ramp to last many years with daily use while providing a sturdy transition over just about type of threshold. 

A common feature found with aluminum style transitions is a grooved design that provides traction whether it is dry or wet and won't rust which makes them suitable for outdoor use.

They provide a sturdy and durable ramp for wheelchairs, power scooters, walkers and even foot traffic.  The maximum capacity can range upwards of 1,000 lbs and with the pre-punched holes and hardware that's included with most ramps you can create a permanent, safe and long lasting ramp. 

aluminum threshold ramp

The different styles of aluminum ramps make them ideal for rises up to 6 inches high, sliding doorways, standalone and can even be used as a bariatric ramp.  Adjustable legs can be very handy if your entranceway is uneven or you want to get the perfect height adjustment for your transition.  If you are looking for increased traction be sure to look for anti-slip grip tape that can be found with some types of aluminum ramps. 

2.  Rubber Threshold Wheelchair Ramps

The main advantages to a threshold ramps made out of rubber is they are considered the safest option and some owners prefer the clean look of them.  They are ideal for smaller transitions in areas that experience high traffic and repetitive daily use.  The solid rubber can withstand very heavy weights and makes them ideal for power scooters or power chairs.

The solid, one piece rubber design not only makes them durable but also provides very good traction for both wheelchair users and foot traffic.  This versatility makes them suitable for daily use both inside and outside in almost any weather conditions. 

Rubber threshold ramps can be fastened using silicone adhesive for added stability if you plan on using it permanently around your home.  If you are looking for a temporary option there are a lot of portable wheelchair ramps that are lightweight, foldable and compact that are designed to be transported to various locations.  

rubber threshold ramps

Rubber threshold ramps are the best option for smaller changes in gradient around the home.  They are very easy to install and with the varying widths and easy height adjustment they are extremely user friendly.  A relatively new option that is similar but with increased weight capabilities is a ramp made from recycled plastic which we will discuss below. 

3.  Plastic Threshold Wheelchair Ramps

Plastic or composite threshold ramps are relatively new and feature some important benefits over aluminum and even rubber but they also have a couple limitations that we will go over.  If you are looking for a very safe ramp that is easy to install where your rise is less than an inch and a half we recommend this ramp for almost anyone whether you are using a manual wheelchair or a power scooter. 

The ADA recommends a run of 12 inches for every inch of rise so this style fits almost within recommendations.  The height can also be adjusted by trimming or cutting the high end of the ramp off but it's important to keep in mind that if your slope is too extreme it can be difficult for manual wheelchair users to use the ramp. 

The durability of the plastic gives this ramp a rating of weights up to 4,000 lbs while also featuring a peel and stick adhesive so you can use this ramp immediately.

plastic threshold ramp

A plastic threshold wheelchair ramp is a light weight yet sturdy ramp that works great for slight rises in areas of high traffic that require the utmost in durability.  The plastic can be notched or trimmed to accommodate your unique needs including door jambs and rises.  You can also feel good about your purchase knowing that the ramp is made from recycled materials. 

If you are in the market for threshold wheelchair ramps you can almost be guaranteed to find something that works for your home with the many customizable options and various materials used in constructing reliable and safe ramps today. 

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